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"It's what we say they will remember, not the skills we teach them."

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The Lasting Power of a Coach's Words

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5U - 7U Parent Leader Instructional Videos

KMBA has provided Instructional videos following Baseball BC's Grassroots programming for our 5U - 7U Rally Cap Parent Leaders. The goal is to offer a strong basic foundation to players learning baseball. KMBA's Grassroots Instructor Travis Unsworth explains the proper mechanics & progressions for each age group in these series of videos.

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - The Basics

Video 3 - 5U Throwing

Video 4 - 6U/7U Throwing

Video 5 - 7U Throwing

Video 6 - 5U Batting

Video 7 - 6U Batting

Video 8 - 7U Batting

Video 9 - Power Position (Batting)

Video 10 - 5U Catching

Video 11 - 6U/7U Catching

Video 12 - Base Running

Video 13 - Fielding


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