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About Mosquito

About Mosquito

Mosquito is the division where the game of baseball starts to take shape. Players begin pitching and summer all-star seasons are offered. That said, Mosquito remains one of KMBA's most successful divisions for player development and welcomes many new players to the game each year. The division plays with modified rules that encourages fair play and keeps the game moving.


Currently open to kids born in 2009 and 2010.

Required Equipment

Glove, helmet, baseball pants, and a protective cup.

Seasons of Play

Fall Baseball (September)

A time for development and fun. Fall baseball is comprised of player who will be entering the division in the following year as well as players who will be moving into their second year. This is typically players in grades 4 and 5. Usually run 2 nights a week, the players practice and scrimmage with each other. Subject to interest, there is opportunity to play teams from other associations.

Registration opens in August each year and spots are limited.

Winterball (January-March)

Winterball is run in our first class indoor training facility: Sussex Insurance Centre on McArthur Island. Winterball is designed to offer the players instruction on many of the fundamentals that can get lost in the busy Spring Season. This back to basics approach gives players a fun environment to hone abilities and learn new aspects of the game and keep active during the winter months.

Registration opens in December each year and spots are limited.

Spring Season (April-June)

Given the large size of this Division, we are unable to offer set days of play. Players can expect about 2-3 practices/games per week. All players will be evaluated in early April and then drafted into their teams.

Each Friday night in May, KMBA offers an additional "Development Night" where players of all abilities work with some of KMBA's best players and coaches with the goal of getting better and having fun!

Registration opens in December each year.

Summer "Riverdogs" Season (July)

In May, players are given the opportunity to try out for one of KMBA's Summer Select teams. Each summer KMBA is dedicated to fielding as many summer teams as possible. These all-star teams represent KMBA as Riverdogs play in tournaments against other associations from around the province culminating with the provincial championship.

We try and field a Riverdog team at the following levels:

  • AAA Tier 1 - competitive
  • A (1st year players only) - competitive
  • AAA Tier 2 - development



The purpose of this program is to allow those players who wish to play at a more competitive level to do so starting at the beginning of the season versus waiting for the Summer All-Star Season which starts the middle of June. This program is not likely suited for beginners.

The purpose of this program is to allow those players who wish to play at a more competitive level to do so starting at the beginning of the season versus waiting for the Summer All-Star Season which starts the middle of June.

Please note that this is an optional program for players, and there is no requirement for any player to participate. The Prospect program is designed to offer a more competitive baseball and coaching experience IN ADDITION to Spring Baseball Programs.

This year Friday nights starting April 12 at 5:30 pm Mosquito Field #2 (time will move to 6pm once we get more daylight hours) will be set aside for any player who is interested in participating in Summer Baseball to be part of the Prospect program. These players will continue to practice together every Friday night up to the May Long Weekend along with participating in their regular Spring Schedule. Prior to the May long weekend, it is our goal to select 22-24 players to form two teams to play in a May Long Weekend tournament being held in Kamloops.

Subsequent to the May Long Weekend the Prospect program will cease and players will then be given information about KMBA's Summer Ball programming. There will be no additional fees to participate in this program.

In addition, there will be no special hats, helmets, or other swag being provided. These are not All Star teams, and will be strictly developmental in nature. The KMBA executive and board will select coaches for the Prospect teams from the pool of coaches who have already committed to coaching on a Mosquito Spring Team.

Participating in a Prospect program does not qualify a player for any special consideration during selection of any Summer Ball or All Star team.

All Prospect teams will be disbanded after the May Long weekend, so that all players can participate in Spring League playoffs. Summer Ball Assessments and selections will be conducted as they have in the past.

Also note that no player is required to play Prospect in order to be eligible to play or try out for a Summer Team later in the year. Players have the option to participate in our Spring League only, and then assess for inclusion on a Summer All Star team in June.

KMBA is looking forward to the Mosquito Prospect Program to augment our existing Programs and provide additional opportunities and experiences for our players. If you have any questions or are interested in being a coach in this program do not hesitate to contact Greg Kilba at

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