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Programming Information

Baseball for the Province is currently in Phase 2 - Stage 1 of the Return to Play (RTP) Guidelines as outlined in both the viaSport and Baseball BC Guidelines.


KMBA has planned for all divisions this spring to return to baseball activies that are consistant with the current Provincial Guidelines. Baseball will look a little different along with added safety measures in place. We understand these restrictions are subject to change at any given time. Should this occur, KMBA will remain compliant to make the necessary changes as mandated to abide by.

Please familiarize yourself with the documents noted on the Return to Play Information Page


  • All bleachers and stands will be closed to spectators
  • Spectators (parents, siblings, etc) are not permitted to stay at the field. - DROP & LEAVE

**With exception to the following divisions 5U - 9U, Challenger, & Girls Friday nights where Parent/Adult Participation is required. One parent/adult per player is allowed.

Returning to baseball phases:

Offering a baseball program of any scope is not mandatory - associations must assess and decide for itself whether, when, and in what form it is appropriate to offer programming. Our spring season will start in Phase 2 - Stage 1 with anticipation of moving to Phase 2 - Stage 2. We have outlined below a few of the key points within these two stages from Baseball BC updated Return to Play Guidelines .

Phase 2 - Stage 1

  • Full team training & development sessions permitted
  • Three (3) meters physical distance is required between participants at all times
  • Athletes may only participate on one team at any one time
  • No dugout use permitted
  • No Shared use of person equipment

Phase 2 - Stage 2

All guidelines listed above are applicable with the following notable changes from Stage 1

  • Modified and in-club game play is permitted
  • Only game play between teams from the same club are permitted in this phase
  • Any modified or in club game play permitted in this phase to follow Baseball BC Phase 3 Game Play Guidelines and Recommendations during game play.
  • Participants do not need to maintain physical distancing during brief game related interactions occurring during the normal course of play; however, minimized physical contact is still advised.
  • Practices and training are still expected to follow all Phase 2 requirements and Guidelines as listed above.

Phase 2 - Stage 3

All guidelines listed above are applicable with the following notable changes from Stage 2

  • Intra Club game play now permitted for any team that doesn't have an equivalent in club playing partner.
  • Teams defined by the above may schedule a maximum of 1 team from a neighbouring community to play games against.
  • Athletes are only permitted to participate on one team at any one time.
  • Teams are not permitted to interact with teams outside of their club or interim partner.

COVID-19 Shutdown - Cancellation Refund Process

In the event where the COVID-19 pandemic takes a turn for the worse and the Province shuts down sports entirely:

  • Fees will be refunded back to the credit card used at time of registration.
  • No option to save as credit on account for future use.
  • Refunds will be subject to a $15 administrative fee.