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COVID-19 Updates

March 25 - Spring Registration Fee Options

Your Kamloops Minor Baseball volunteer Board have worked through the logistics so we can offer a full refund for your spring season fees. There is no easy way to process all the transactions. Refunds require a manual entry, transaction by transaction. However, KMBA is prepared to offer families 2 options when it comes to their 2020 registration.

Option 1: Request a full refund of fees paid online
(Requires Action, click link below)

Option 2: Receive credit for registration in the 2021 Spring Season
(Automatic if you don't choose Option 1)

To request your refund, CLICK HERE, and fill out the form, BEFORE April 10, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Everyone who does not request a refund will be given credit for registration in the 2021 season.

KMBA will work to process all refunds between April 11-30. At that time, families who did not request a refund will receive information about their credit for the 2021 season.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe, stay well,

Chris Balison, President
Kamloops Minor Baseball

March 17, 2020 - KMBA Spring Baseball Season Cancelled

Dear KMBA Baseball Families,

With the most recent announcements from public heath officials, BC Minor Baseball, and Baseball BC, Kamloops Minor Baseball is cancelling the Spring baseball season.

The public health crisis we all face is bigger than our spring season of baseball. This decision was difficult for the Board of Directors, but done to protect the safety of our baseball families and contribute to the global effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

We hold out hope that in the coming months this crisis will decline, and it will be safe to offer our programming again. Our dedicated group of volunteers will soon turn their minds to what baseball activities might look like in the Summer or Fall.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Chris Balison, President
Kamloops Minor Baseball

March 13, 2020 - Suspension of Baseball Activities

Kamloops Minor Baseball is suspending our baseball activities.

Today Baseball BC suspended all baseball activities for 7 days given the heightened concerns over the potential spread of COVID-19. Baseball BC will be re-evaluating next week and issue further direction at that time. BC Minor Baseball and Baseball Canada have released similar advisories.

The health and safety of all the KMBA participants and families is of the utmost importance and is central to any decisions KMBA is making in this regard. The response to this pandemic is changing daily. We will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by our governing bodies, the public health authorities, and government.

We are still several weeks away from opening day and hope that the swift actions being taken now across the country, will allow us to get back to normalcy much quicker.

KMBA will provide an update to our families next week, or as soon as any significant decision is made.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this unprecedented event.

Chris Balison, President
Kamloops Minor Baseball



Click on the link to the right to register!

Evaluation Dates

  • Tadpole - June 21st and 25th 6pm-7:30pm at Tadpole Field #1
  • Mosquito - May 24th 6pm - 8pm Mosquito Fields
  • PeeWee - AA- May 21st 6pm - 7:30pm PeeWee Field #2
  • Bantam A - May 24th 6pm-8pm, May 31st 6pm - 8pm Bantam Field #2
  • Midget AA - June 5th 6pm-8pm Canada Games Field
Summer Ball Info

What is Summer Ball?

Summer Ball is an All-Star program that is available in each division from Tadpole through Midget

Tadpole Summer Ball plays modified Mosquito Rules, where a hard ball is used, 9 players on the field, and live pitching or pitching machine in all innings. If there is enough interest and coaching support there may be the opportunity to field more than one team.

In Mosquito we form a Mosquito AAA Tier 1 team comprised of 11U players and a Mosquito A team comprised of 1st year 10U players. Each year we also attempt to form a Mosquito AAA Tier-2 team comprised of 2nd year and 1st year players who were not selected for the Mosquito AAA Tier 1 team or 10U A team.

In Pee Wee we form a Pee Wee AAA team and a Pee Wee AA team. The AAA team comes from the Spring Rep players and the AA teams comes from the remaining Rep players and players from House. Selecting players from the House program to play AA is at the coaches discretion based on the results of the evaluation process. We also form a Pee Wee A team (the Pee Wee A team is only open to players who played at the Pee Wee House level during regular season).

In Bantam we form a Bantam A team with players from the spring house division.

In Midget we form a Midget AA team with players from the spring house division.

What are the registration fees?

Summer Ball fees include a $100 registration fee payable to KMBA (players who played PeeWee Spring Rep this fee was already included in your Interlock fees). Players must also purchase a mandatory uniform kit (that they get to keep), which includes: 2 t-shirt jerseys; white pants, short sleeve jacket, red practice shirt, blue dri-fit shirt, belt, hat, and socks.

KMBA pays for each team to attend 1 out of town tournament per year. Additional tournament costs are paid for by the team. Travel costs are also the responsibility of the team/parents.

When is the Summer Ball season?

Summer Ball begins with tryouts in May and early June, with games beginning after the regular spring season ends. The Season runs primarily for the month of July until normally the first week of August when the teams (should they qualify) play in the Provincial Championships.

Who is eligible to play Summer Ball?

All players who play in the spring season are eligible to try out for our Summer Ball teams.

How are the players selected for a Summer Ball team?

The Summer Ball teams are determined by open tryouts. Depending on the division, there may be a single tryout session for all players, or there may be separate tryout sessions for each level of play (A, AA and AAA) that we participate in at that age group. There could also be multiple tryout sessions, especially when it comes to trying to decide who the players will be to fill out the final spots on the roster.

After the tryouts, the coaches will evaluate the results and make the final determination as to which players will make the team or not. This means that the best suited players (in terms of ability, attitude, and commitment) will be selected for each team. This also means that some kids who try out could unfortunately be cut and not be selected for a team.

How many games and practices would we play in Summer Ball?

This largely depends on the division and level of play, and how successful the team is (whether they qualify for provincials, or whether they qualify for semi-finals or final games in tournaments entered). But a typical Summer Ball team, between tournaments, exhibition games, and Provincial play down games, is likely to play in 15 to 25 games.

As with all teams, the number of and schedule of practices is up to the individual coaches. However, as the goal of all Summer Ball team is to be competitive at a provincial level, you should expect to have 2-3 practices per week.

What is the benefit for me or my child?

Your child will essentially play an entire extra season of baseball in each year that they participate in Summer Ball. They will be playing with players of a higher skill level than they may have played with in the spring season. They will possibly be receiving better coaching given the coaches will be able to coach at a more advanced level than in spring season. This means that your child's skill levels will increase proportionally for each Summer Ball season they participate in.

What are some other considerations?

Summer Ball requires a commitment on your part. You need to commit to having your child available to participate in practices, games and tournaments from the start of July to the beginning of August.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.